About us

About us

We have a heart to help families thrive through our counseling and training interventions. We offer counselling services aimed at restoration, healing, and equipping so families can experience the fulfillment and blessing that God promises in His word.

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Who we are

A journey of passion and dedication

The family environment can be a place where people build foundations to have a massively blessed life or it can be a destructive force where people are hurt and damaged. We aim to cultivate really healthy family environments where people can thrive.

Our mission

To equip families with the necessary tools to have a healthy family environment through training initiatives that include communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional well-being, parenthood and building a Christian foundation. We also aim to help people heal from the damage that they might have incurred through infidelity, abuse, break-ups, and other similar events.

Our vision

To tackle the social problems in South Africa and to build new healthy values into the core of South African society through counselling and training interventions. Our heart is to see individuals and families thrive by creating healthy beliefs and behavior regarding family environments and to raise people up to become pillars of a healthy family unit.


Reviews from our Clients

It is extremely important to us at Family Focus to give our clients world-class counselling and support. Here are some reviews from past clients

Emily Maistry

Jacqueline Davids a chivalrous woman of integrity & wisdom.
She is culturally open minded & non judgmental. 

Ramba Stevens

I have had the privilege of working closely with Jackie for several years. It is with great pleasure that I wholeheartedly recommend her as a counsellor.

Who We Are

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At Family Focus Counselling our mission is to inspire, teach, heal, and equip people. 

Get to know our champions who make this happen

Jackie Davids

Founder & Head Counsellor

"Family Matters Matter"

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