Our services

How We Help Families & Individuals Thrive

Through our counselling interventions, we teach, equip, empower and heal our clients so they can experience the victory and abundance as promised by God

One On One Counselling

Individual counselling sessions done in a private, peacefull and safe environment

Group Counselling

Counselling sessions facillitated with a family, married couples, children or corporate groups

Online Counselling

Group and one on one counselling sessions facilitated on an online platform

Counselling Areas

Our Areas Of Expertise

In a family setup, there can be a variety of challenges, problems, and difficulties. We Deal with several of these issues in our Family Focus Counselling Sessions

Bereavement / Loss

Nurturing healing, empathy, and support for couples coping with the pain of loss and grief


Rebuilding bonds, fostering resilience, and healing hearts in strained and difficult relationships


Enhancing understanding, trust, and connection for happier marriages through effective communication

Behavioural Issues

Addressing conflicts, bad habits, and fostering positive behaviour through behavioural counseling

Conflict Management

Facilitating the resolution process, defining conflict correctly, and training on handling conflict


Helping sexual, physical, and emotional abuse victims heal and restoring their value and worth